04.01.2018 – Weekly Influencer News & Trends 

So it’s a New Year. Happy New year to everyone. The new year looks brights for Influencers. Here is a Sneak Peak with the start of the New Year.

#Influencer App : Xsopo is a scheduling app to help you schedule posts to
go out at a time when it is not suitable for you to post live.

You can make posts to multiple social media accounts simultaneously. Xsopo provides statistics about
each post you make on each network. You can automatically schedule your posts for
Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Flickr, Medium, LinkedIn, Tumblr and more – in fact, Xsopo works with 16 social networks.

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#Looking Forward

  • Brands look forward more exposure with IGTV Stories and may consider one of the top priorities in the marketing strategy in 2019.
  • Video would continue to dominate, however, Instagram would continue to appeal to the masses in the world of Clicked Content.
  • With Number of gadgets like Alexa and Apple Home pod, Podcasts will continue to grow.

#People & Collabs : Instagram influencer Jinni Shaikh shows us the ultimate workout.


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